Welcome to the world of MODEL AEROPLANES.

In 1999, Mohammad Afzal due to his excitement for travelling, started his Journey travelling to Germany which resulted in his love to get deeper and deeper in travelling and Mr. Afzal also loved Aeroplanes as the time passed
From this simple beginning which has grown in one of the leading and respected manufacturers and suppliers “Design Impex” started in 2005 for the model hobbyist in the world.

From our facility located in Moradabad, a very well known city for its Metal Export , Design Impex produces over 3500 products ranging from Nautical Items, Decorative accessories and Aeroplanes

When, urge for Aeroplane and travelling is not fulfilled Mr. Afzal diverted his interest anabout_usd concentration towards developing Models of Aeroplanes and a new branch of Design Impex is Started giving the name as “The Aeroplane Models.
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